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Wake the Song – Hymn


“Wake the Song” is a spirited hymn that calls believers to lift their voices in joyful praise and worship to God. With its lively melody and uplifting lyrics, this hymn serves as a jubilant celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness. From the opening lines, it ignites a sense of excitement and anticipation, urging listeners to join together in exalting the name of the Lord.

As the song unfolds, it delves into the themes of praise, thanksgiving, and adoration, inviting believers to offer their heartfelt worship to God with enthusiasm and joy. It acknowledges the greatness and majesty of God, yet affirms the intimate relationship believers have with Him as their loving Father.

Throughout the verses, “Wake the Song” speaks of the transformative power of worship, which lifts the spirits and draws believers into the presence of God. It offers words of encouragement and inspiration, reminding listeners of the joy and blessing that come from praising God with all their heart, soul, and strength.

The chorus of the hymn serves as a joyful refrain, as believers unite in exalting the name of the Lord and declaring His greatness to all the earth. It encourages listeners to join in the chorus of praise, lifting high the name of Jesus and magnifying His glory.


Wake the Song (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 Wake the song of joy and gladness,
Hither bring your noblest lays;
Banish ev’ry tho’t of sadness,
Pouring forth your highest praise,
Sing to him whose care has brought us
Once again with friends to meet,
And whose loving voice has taught us
Of the way to Jesus’ feet.

Wake the song, wake the Song,
the song of joy and gladness,
Wake the song, wake the song,
The song of jubilee.

2 Joyfully with songs and banners,
We will greet the festal day;
Shout aloud our glad hosannas,
And our grateful homage pay.
We will change our Saviour’s glory
While our tho’ts we raise above,
Telling still “the old, old story,”
Precious theme Redeeming love! [Refrain]

3 Thanks to thee, O holy Father,
For the mercies of the year;
May each heart, as here we gather,
Swell with gratitude sincere,
Thanks to thee, O loving Saviour,
For redemption thro’ thy blood:
Breathe upon us, Holy Spirit,
Sweetly draw us near to God. [Refrain]

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