Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mike Abdul – This New Year ft. EmmaOMG


From the very beginning, Mike Abdul establishes a reflective and optimistic atmosphere with a melodic prelude. The music becomes a conduit, guiding worshippers into a sacred space where the thematic elements of “This New Year” are unveiled with profound significance. This preparatory phase, heightened by Abdul’s emotive vocals and the harmonious collaboration with EmmaOMG, sets the stage for a worshipful encounter centered on acknowledging the blessings and opportunities presented by a new year.

The title track, “This New Year,” becomes the focal point of this musical odyssey—an anthem that encapsulates the spirit of anticipation and gratitude for the dawn of a fresh beginning. Mike Abdul’s seasoned delivery, coupled with EmmaOMG’s distinctive vocal contributions, creates a harmonious space where listeners can join in the chorus of gratitude and hopeful expectation for the possibilities that a new year brings.

Beyond the title track, the musical journey extends to additional dimensions of worship. “Good Life” introduces an element of celebration and thanksgiving into the album. The track becomes a vibrant expression of appreciation for the goodness of God and the promise of a life filled with His blessings.

In “Orita,” Mike Abdul and EmmaOMG infuse a cultural richness into the album, drawing from Yoruba language and traditions. The song becomes a rhythmic and melodious declaration of progress and breakthroughs, celebrating the journey into new realms of fulfillment.


Mike Abdul – This New Year ft. EmmaOMG Lyrics

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