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Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago – Praise Party, Volume 1 [FULL ALBUM]


As the first track of the album begins, listeners are invited into a jubilant atmosphere of celebration and praise. The infectious energy of the music sets the tone for what promises to be a soul-stirring journey through faith and joy.

With the second track, the album launches into a high-energy praise anthem that encourages listeners to lift their hands in adoration and surrender to the power of divine grace. The dynamic vocals and spirited instrumentation uplift the spirit and ignite a sense of exuberance.

Transitioning into a moment of reverent worship, this track invites listeners into a sacred space of reflection and communion with the divine. The heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies create an atmosphere of intimacy and devotion, allowing listeners to connect deeply with their faith.

Infused with infectious rhythms and vibrant harmonies, this track inspires listeners to express their gratitude through joyful movement and celebration. With lyrics that extol the goodness of God and the abundance of blessings, the song becomes an anthem of thanksgiving and praise.

Through powerful testimonies and personal narratives, this track bears witness to the transformative power of faith and resilience. From overcoming obstacles to experiencing divine intervention, each testimony serves as a testament to the unwavering faithfulness of God and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

As the album draws to a close, the final track serves as a rallying cry for unity and fellowship among believers. With stirring vocals and a message of hope and reconciliation, the song inspires listeners to come together in love and solidarity, embracing the diversity of God’s creation and celebrating the power of collective worship.

Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago’s “Praise Party, Volume 1” is more than just an album; it’s a transformative musical experience that uplifts the soul and ignites the spirit. From jubilant praise anthems to heartfelt worship songs, each track invites listeners into a deeper connection with their faith and a greater sense of joy and gratitude. As the music fills the air and hearts are lifted in praise, “Praise Party, Volume 1” becomes a celebration of the boundless love and grace of God, uniting believers in a powerful expression of worship and praise.

Track List:

  1. He’Ll Make It Alright
  2. Grace
  3. Never Knew Love
  4. Worthy Is The Lamb
  5. Keep The Faith
  6. Let Us Break Bread Together
  7. The Communion Ceremony
  8. I’Ve Been Thinking
  9. Can’T Turn Back
  10. This Is My Prayer
  11. Tribute

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