Thursday, July 18, 2024

VERA CI – Mama You Do Well


In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian gospel music, Vera CI emerges as a beacon of gratitude and celebration with her latest single, “Mama You Do Well.” This heartfelt tribute is a testament to the unwavering love and sacrifices of mothers everywhere, encapsulating the essence of maternal love and devotion.

“Mama You Do Well” is more than just a song; it’s a soul-stirring expression of appreciation and admiration for the nurturing presence of mothers in our lives. With its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, the song resonates deeply with listeners, evoking memories of tender moments and cherished memories shared with their mothers.

Vera CI’s music is characterized by its fusion of contemporary Afrobeat rhythms and heartfelt gospel lyrics, creating a sound that is both uplifting and spiritually enriching. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and observations, she infuses each song with a sense of authenticity and sincerity that touches the hearts of all who listen.

At the heart of “Mama You Do Well” lies a message of gratitude and reverence for the selfless sacrifices of mothers, reflecting Vera CI’s own appreciation for her mother’s love and guidance. Through her emotive vocals and stirring harmonies, she invites listeners to join her in celebrating the extraordinary role that mothers play in shaping our lives and nurturing our souls.


VERA CI – Mama You Do Well Lyrics

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