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Daps Dalyop Gwom Full Biography


Dalyop Godwin Gwom, widely known as Daps, was born on June 26, 1975, into a deeply religious family, setting the foundation for his spiritual and musical journey. Hailing from the Berom tribe in Plateau state, Nigeria, Daps emerged as a distinguished multi-instrumentalist, infusing his music with the rich sounds of his ethnic roots, including the xylophone and traditional harp. His innovative musical blend, termed “xylo-fro,” reflects a fusion of diverse influences that sets him apart in the music scene.

Daps, a registered artist, has an impressive discography that includes four credited albums—Fadlallah, Murna, Rhythm of Fear, and Heavenly Worship. Currently, he is actively engaged in the production of a new album for Manna Music, showcasing his commitment to evolving his musical expression.

As a versatile producer and songwriter, Daps boasts an extensive portfolio of around 4,000 unreleased songs, revealing his prolific creativity. His expertise extends beyond conventional music, making him a master in crafting epic motion picture soundtracks. Notably, his contributions to several films, including “Sitanda,” “White Water,” and “Syndy’s Note,” have earned nominations at the prestigious African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA AWARDS).

Daps’s influence extends to various facets of the entertainment industry, having produced captivating radio and TV commercials, as well as soap operas. Internationally, he has made a significant impact by working with acclaimed artists such as Margaret Motsage from South Africa, GOGO, Bola Adebisi, Ranking Deezeed, Shajafy, and many others. His revolutionary “xylo-fro” music style has left an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Paul Wilbur and Don Moen, Daps continues to shape the music industry with his unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, he stands as a luminary in the world of music production and composition, leaving an indelible mark on both local and international fronts.

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