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Keith & Kristyn Getty – Lift High The Name Of Jesus


“Lift High the Name of Jesus” by Keith and Kristyn Getty stands as a resounding anthem of praise and adoration, inviting believers to exalt the name of Jesus Christ with joy and reverence. From the moment the music begins, listeners are drawn into a sacred space of worship, where the transcendent beauty of Christ’s name is celebrated through powerful lyrics and stirring melodies. Keith and Kristyn Getty’s masterful composition combines elements of traditional hymnody with contemporary instrumentation, creating a timeless musical experience that resonates deeply with believers across generations.

The lyrics of “Lift High the Name of Jesus” echo the timeless truths of Scripture, proclaiming the majesty, power, and glory of Christ. Each verse serves as a declaration of faith, affirming Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Through poetic imagery and heartfelt expressions of devotion, the song inspires listeners to lift their voices in praise and exaltation, acknowledging the unmatched splendor of the Savior’s name.

As the music swells and the chorus rings out, the song’s message becomes an anthem of hope and victory. “Lift high the name of Jesus, of Jesus our King,” the refrain proclaims, calling believers to lift their hands and hearts in worship, declaring the supremacy of Christ over every circumstance and challenge. With each repetition of the chorus, the song builds to a crescendo of praise, igniting a fire of passion and devotion in the hearts of all who sing along.


Keith & Kristyn Getty – Lift High The Name Of Jesus Lyrics

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