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O Jesus Sweet – Hymn


“O Jesus Sweet” is a hymn that encapsulates the tender affection and adoration directed towards Jesus Christ. With its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics, this hymn serves as a sincere expression of love and reverence for the Savior. Inspired by the deep personal relationship believers have with Jesus, the hymn emanates a sense of intimacy and devotion towards the One who is the source of all comfort and grace.

In its verses, “O Jesus Sweet” celebrates the sweetness and beauty found in the presence of Jesus. It acknowledges His love, mercy, and compassion that bring solace and peace to the weary soul. As believers sing its verses, they are reminded of the profound joy and contentment that comes from abiding in the presence of Jesus, the One who is ever faithful and true.

Moreover, the hymn serves as a source of comfort and encouragement for believers as they journey through life’s trials and tribulations. Its timeless message affirms the believer’s confidence in the unfailing love and grace of Jesus. Through its soothing melodies and tender lyrics, “O Jesus Sweet” becomes a hymn of solace and assurance, as believers find refuge and strength in the arms of their Savior.


O Jesus Sweet (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild,
Thy Father’s will hast Thou fulfilled;
For Thou hast left Thy heavenly throne
Our lowly state to make Thine own.
O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild.

O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild,
With joy hast Thou the whole world filled;
Thou comest down from heaven’s hall
To comfort us whom tears enthrall.
O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild.

O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild,
Thou art love’s image undefiled.
Inflame our hearts with love’s pure fire,
That we may share Thy heart’s desire.
O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild.

O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild,
Help us to do as Thou hast willed.
What’er we have belongs to Thee:
O may we ever faithful be.
O Jesus sweet, O Jesus mild.

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