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Travis Greene – Expect Impossible [Full Album]


Travis Greene’s “Expect Impossible” transcends the limitations of a typical album, transforming into a captivating tapestry woven with diverse musical styles, powerful lyrics, and emotive vocals. Each song on the album becomes a unique thread, exploring various facets of faith, resilience, and the unwavering spirit that defines the human experience.

The album opens with a powerful declaration in “Holy Only.” A sense of awe and reverence unfolds, establishing the central theme of acknowledging the divine’s sacredness and absolute holiness. Soaring melodies and a building intensity create an atmosphere of respect and wonder, inviting listeners to elevate their hearts and minds towards the divine.

“Impossible” follows, exploding onto the scene with a spirit of defiance. Greene’s resolute vocals and electrifying instrumentals challenge limitations and celebrate the transformative power of faith. The song urges listeners to embrace the “impossible” with unwavering belief, referencing biblical stories of overcoming adversity and finding strength in God.

As the album progresses, it delves deeper into the complexities of navigating life’s challenges. “Stay Here” offers a gentle sanctuary, its tender melody and introspective lyrics creating a safe space for self-reflection and seeking solace in the presence of a higher power. “I Remember” embarks on a journey of nostalgic reflection, expressing gratitude for the enduring power of faith that guides us through difficult times.

The spirit of celebration takes center stage in “Praise Break” and “Tent Revival.” “Praise Break” erupts with infectious joy, inviting listeners to join a collective expression of praise and thanksgiving through energetic melodies and a call to action. “Tent Revival” pulsates with the raw emotion and unbridled passion characteristic of a traditional tent revival meeting, urging listeners to embrace their faith and celebrate the shared experience of the divine.

The album concludes with a message of hope and personal growth. “Found” expresses a profound sense of relief and gratitude, celebrating the transformative power of faith and the joy of discovering purpose and belonging. “Near” closes the album with a sense of vulnerability and yearning, highlighting the enduring presence of a higher power offering solace, guidance, and a safe space for seeking a deeper connection.

Track List:

  1. Praise Break
  2. Found
  3. Impossible
  4. Near
  5. Holy Only
  6. Stay Here
  7. Tent Revival
  8. I Remember
  9. God Alone
  10. Watch Him Turn It
  11. Expect Impossible

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