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Travis Greene – Found


In Travis Greene’s “Found,” a sense of relief and profound gratitude washes over the listener, painting a sonic portrait of discovery and acceptance. Through a gentle melody, introspective lyrics brimming with newfound peace, and Greene’s emotive vocals, the song becomes a deeply personal testament to the transformative power of faith and the joy of finding purpose and belonging.

The song opens with a declaration of newfound self-awareness: “I was lost, but now I’m found.” Delivered with a heartfelt sincerity, these opening lines establish the central theme: acknowledging a past sense of emptiness or uncertainty, and celebrating the joy of discovering meaning and purpose through faith. The music mirrors this introspective mood, with a slow tempo, sparse instrumentation, and a sense of quiet reflection, emphasizing the emotional journey of self-discovery.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the transformative impact of faith. Lines like “You pulled me from the depths of despair” and “You showed me the way, out of the darkness, into Your care” express gratitude for divine intervention and the guiding light that led the narrator out of a difficult past. The music incorporates elements of traditional gospel harmonies, adding a sense of shared experience and the comforting knowledge that challenges and feelings of being lost are universal human experiences.


Found by Travis Greene Lyrics

Verse 1
I’ve been quiet for way too long
I’ve decided this praise belongs to You
Oh my Lord
Cause today is the day You’ve made
I’ll rejoice and again I say it’s true
Oh my Lord

The enemy came to steal
But You gave me life, fullness of life
Won’t let him take – what he did not give

I’m… getting my song back
I gotta reason to sing of Your goodness and
I’m…. taking my joy back
It is my strength and its found in the presence of God
Oh… all that I need is found in the presence of God

Verse 2
There’s a worship inside these bones
It is breaking out, getting out of control
Oh my Lord

The enemy came to steal
But You gave me life / fullness of life
Won’t let him take-what he did not give

It’s good, really good, It feels good be here
Here in the presence
I’m free, really free, It feels good to be free
Here in the presence of God

He’s never not empty-handed
Whatever you need he has it
More than you dare to ask or think-is
Found in the presence of God

All that I need is found in the presence of God

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