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The Lord Is My Light – Hymn


“The Lord Is My Light” stands as a cherished hymn, a beacon of hope and reassurance in times of darkness and uncertainty. Rooted in the Christian faith, this sacred composition celebrates the steadfast love and protection of God, who serves as a guiding light in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations. With its uplifting melody and comforting lyrics, the hymn offers solace to believers, reminding them of the unfailing presence of God in their lives.

At the heart of “The Lord Is My Light” lies a profound declaration of trust and dependence on God’s providence. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of God as a protective fortress and a source of strength, guiding His people through the storms of life and leading them to safety. Through its poignant verses and reassuring refrain, the hymn instills confidence in the believer’s heart, inspiring them to place their trust in the unwavering faithfulness of God.

In addition to its lyrical depth, “The Lord Is My Light” is accompanied by a stirring melody that enhances its message of hope and assurance. From the gentle strains of the opening notes to the triumphant crescendo of the final chorus, the music envelops listeners in a spirit of peace and comfort, reminding them of the abiding presence of God in every moment. With its timeless appeal and emotive arrangement, the hymn continues to captivate hearts and inspire worship across generations and cultures.


The Lord Is My Light (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 The Lord is my light; then why should I fear?
By day and by night His presence is near;
He is my salvation from sorrow and sin;
This blessed persuasion the Spirit brings in.

The Lord is my light, my joy, and my song;
By day and by night He leads me along;
The Lord is my light, my joy, and my song;
By day and by night He leads me along.

2 The Lord is my light; though clods may arise,
Faith, stronger than sight, looks up to the skies
Where Jesus forever in glory doth reign:
Then how can I ever in darkness remain?

3 The Lord is my light, the Lord is my strength;
I know in His might I’ll conquer at length;
My weakness in mercy He covers with power,
And, walking by faith, He upholds me each hour.

4 The lord is my light, my all and in all;
There is in His sight no darkness at all;
He is my Redeemer, my Savior and King;
With saints and with angels His praises I sing.

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