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Sola Allyson – Ma Mi’Kan 1


“Ma Mi’Kan 1,” translating to “Don’t Let Me Die” in English, stands as the latest jewel in Sola Allyson’s musical crown. Released as part of her discography, the song is a soulful expression that captures Allyson’s profound spirituality and her ability to convey deep emotions through her music.

The melody of “Ma Mi’Kan 1” weaves a tapestry of emotions, with Allyson’s evocative vocals navigating the listener through a poignant journey. The song serves as both a prayer and a plea, exploring themes of faith, vulnerability, and the human experience.

Sola Allyson’s influence extends far beyond the harmonies of her music. Her dedication to preserving Yoruba culture and seamlessly incorporating it into her worship music has positioned her as a cultural ambassador. Through her authenticity, she successfully bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary expressions of faith.

Beyond her solo endeavors, Sola Allyson collaborates with fellow gospel artists, contributing to the collaborative spirit that defines Nigerian gospel music. Her ministry transcends the stage, touching lives and fostering a profound connection between listeners and the divine.



Sola Allyson – Ma Mi’Kan 1 Lyrics

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