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Moïse Mbiye – Fais Comme Tu Veux


The song begins with a powerful declaration: “Fais comme tu veux, Seigneur, dans ma vie” (French for “Lord, do as you please in my life”). This statement expresses an attitude of complete submission to God and the belief that God is in control of everything. With inspiring rhythms and majestic string accompaniment, the music creates an atmosphere of awe and wonder.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve into the concept of God’s sovereignty. Lyrics such as “Tu es le Roi, tu es le Maître, tu es le Tout-Puissant” (French for “You are King, You are Master, You are Almighty”) emphasize the power and majesty of God. The music becomes more powerful, adding drums and a choir, creating a feeling of power and praise.

“Fais Comme Tu Veux” is not just a declaration of God’s sovereignty, but also a declaration of faith and praise. Lyrics such as “Je te fais confiance, Seigneur, je sais que tu fais tout pour mon bien” (French for “I trust in you, Lord, I know that everything you do is for my good”) express a devotion to God. Complete trust. The music becomes softer, incorporating piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of peace and joy.


Moïse Mbiye – Fais Comme Tu Veux Lyrics

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