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Justus Myello – Taiwa Yesu


In the vibrant landscape of Kenyan gospel music, Justus Myello emerges as a beacon of hope and inspiration, with his stirring track “Taiwa Yesu” resonating deeply with audiences across the nation. Translated as “Give It to Jesus” in English, the song encapsulates Myello’s unwavering faith and his message of surrendering life’s burdens to a higher power. From the soul-stirring melodies to the poignant lyrics, “Taiwa Yesu” serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith in the face of adversity.

Myello’s distinctive vocals carry the weight of authenticity, infusing each note with raw emotion and conviction. Through his impassioned delivery, he invites listeners to lay their troubles at the feet of Jesus, finding solace and strength in the midst of life’s storms. The chorus, with its anthemic refrain of “Taiwa Yesu,” becomes a rallying cry for believers to relinquish control and trust in the divine providence that guides their journey.

Beyond its musical prowess, “Taiwa Yesu” embodies the resilience of the human spirit in the face of hardship. Myello draws from personal experiences and struggles, infusing the song with a sense of authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners. Through his own journey of faith, he imparts a message of hope and perseverance, reminding audiences that even in their darkest moments, they are never alone.

The song’s production, characterized by uplifting instrumentation and stirring harmonies, elevates Myello’s message to new heights. Each layer of sound adds depth and richness to the track, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the complexities of the human experience. From the driving rhythm to the soaring melodies, “Taiwa Yesu” captures the essence of spiritual surrender and renewal.


Justus Myello – Taiwa Yesu Lyrics

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