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Folabi Nuel – Call Me Blessed


Folabi Nuel has firmly established himself as a prominent and dynamic figure within the Nigerian gospel music landscape, and his influence extends beyond borders. In his single, “Call Me Blessed,” Nuel once again showcases his musical prowess and spiritual depth, offering a composition that not only stirs the soul but also affirms the faith of listeners.

The song is a testament to Nuel’s unique ability to seamlessly blend heartfelt worship with a contemporary musical style. This fusion creates a distinctive sound that appeals to a broad audience, transcending cultural and denominational boundaries. By incorporating modern elements into his music, Folabi Nuel has effectively created a bridge between traditional gospel expressions and the evolving musical preferences of contemporary listeners.

The title, “Call Me Blessed,” carries profound significance within a scriptural context. It mirrors a scriptural affirmation found in the Bible, resonating with the promise of divine blessings and favor. This choice of title indicates that the song is more than just a musical piece; it is a declaration rooted in biblical truths. The lyrics likely convey a message of gratitude, acknowledging the abundant blessings that come from a relationship with God and aligning with the scriptural concept of being blessed and highly favored.


Folabi Nuel – Call Me Blessed Lyrics

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