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Charles Jenkins – Releasing My Faith


“Charles Jenkins – Releasing My Faith” is a powerful gospel anthem that resonates with believers, urging them to step out in faith and trust in the promises of God. Featured on Jenkins’ album “Think About These Things,” this uplifting song combines a dynamic melody with heartfelt lyrics to create an atmosphere of inspiration and encouragement. With its soul-stirring vocals and empowering message, “Releasing My Faith” invites listeners to embrace a life of boldness and confidence in God’s unfailing love and provision.

From the opening notes, “Releasing My Faith” captivates with its emotive resonance, drawing listeners into a space of reflection and determination. Charles Jenkins’ vocals are filled with sincerity and passion as he sings about the transformative power of faith. The music itself is stirring and uplifting, evoking a sense of hope and assurance that emboldens the listener to trust in God’s promises.

As the song unfolds, Jenkins’ vocals soar with conviction, expressing the profound truth that faith is the key to unlocking God’s blessings and miracles. Each verse of the song serves as a reminder of the importance of stepping out in faith, even when circumstances may seem impossible. The chorus becomes a declaration of confidence, affirming the belief that God is faithful to fulfill His promises to those who trust in Him.


Charles Jenkins – Releasing My Faith Lyrics

Well I’m releasing my faith
I’m gonna hold out, cause a change is gonna comeI’m gonna hold out, till victory is wonI’m gonna hold out, cause a change is gonna comeI’m gonna hold out, for it’s already done
Release your faithRelease your faithRelease your faithRelease your faithI believe God
Release your faith

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