Monday, April 22, 2024



In an extraordinary gathering of faith and spiritual enlightenment, Apostle Joshua Selman leads the charge at Connect 2024 Lagos with his impactful event, “Higher Dimensions (Miracle & Impartation).” Known for his dynamic teachings and anointing, Apostle Joshua Selman draws attendees into a profound exploration of faith, miracles, and impartation in a setting that transcends the ordinary.

The event promises to be a transformative experience, as Apostle Joshua Selman delves into the concept of “Higher Dimensions,” guiding participants to ascend to greater heights in their spiritual journey. With a focus on miracles and impartation, attendees can anticipate a deep dive into the supernatural, exploring the limitless possibilities available through faith and divine intervention.

Known for his ability to connect with diverse audiences, Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings are anticipated to resonate with individuals seeking spiritual growth, miracles, and a profound impartation of divine grace. The event serves as a convergence point for believers from various backgrounds, uniting them in a shared pursuit of higher spiritual dimensions.

“Higher Dimensions (Miracle & Impartation)” at Connect 2024 Lagos is not just an event; it’s a spiritual encounter that has the potential to ignite transformation and usher in miracles. Attendees can expect to be immersed in a powerful atmosphere of worship, teachings, and anointing, creating an environment where faith is activated, and supernatural manifestations become a reality.


As Apostle Joshua Selman anchors the event in Lagos, participants are poised to be part of a life-changing experience where faith reaches new heights, miracles abound, and divine impartation takes place. “Higher Dimensions” at Connect 2024 Lagos stands as a beacon of spiritual expectation, inviting believers to join in a collective journey toward deeper encounters with the supernatural.

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