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Yeka Onka – I Bu Ebe M’Gbabam (You Are My Hiding Place)


“I Bu Ebe M’Gbabam” delves into themes of unwavering trust, surrender, and the earnest pursuit of a safe haven in the shelter of the Almighty. Yeka Onka’s vocals, characterized by their richness and emotion, add a layer of depth to the poignant lyrics. The song transcends mere musical arrangement; it stands as a sincere and vulnerable testimony of faith, acknowledging God as an unshakable source of strength, protection, and solace.

The production quality of the track serves as a testament to Yeka Onka’s commitment to crafting music that is not only spiritually impactful but also musically captivating. The seamless fusion of traditional Nigerian musical elements with contemporary gospel sounds results in a dynamic and culturally enriched auditory experience. The arrangement of the song acts as a lush and resonant backdrop, enhancing the overall impact of the heartfelt message.

As “I Bu Ebe M’Gbabam” resonates with audiences, Yeka Onka emerges as a significant figure in the Nigerian gospel music landscape. The song extends a heartfelt invitation to listeners, beckoning them into a sacred realm of worship where the soul finds security and peace in the abiding presence of God.

With its timeless message and soul-stirring melody, “I Bu Ebe M’Gbabam” stands as a testament to Yeka Onka’s artistic prowess, effectively conveying timeless spiritual truths through the universal language of music.


Yeka Onka – I Bu Ebe M’Gbabam (You Are My Hiding Place) Lyrics

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