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Yadah ft. Sunmisola Agbebi – Never seen


In their collaboration “Never Seen,” Yadah and Sunmisola Agbebi craft a mesmerizing ode to the awe-inspiring presence of God. With hauntingly beautiful melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, the song invites listeners into a realm of deep reflection and spiritual contemplation. Yadah’s rich vocals blend seamlessly with Sunmisola Agbebi’s, creating a harmonious tapestry of sound that carries the message of faith and wonder.

The lyrics of “Never Seen” explore the ineffable nature of God’s love and power, expressing reverence for His majesty and sovereignty. Each verse serves as a testament to the unfathomable depths of divine grace, reminding listeners of the profound mysteries that lie beyond human comprehension. Through poignant imagery and heartfelt sincerity, the song evokes a sense of humility and gratitude, inspiring awe and reverence for the Creator.

As the music builds to a crescendo, Yadah and Sunmisola Agbebi’s voices soar, infusing the song with a transcendent energy that uplifts the spirit. With its stirring melodies and evocative lyrics, “Never Seen” becomes more than just a song—it becomes a spiritual experience, guiding listeners on a journey of faith and devotion. It is a reminder of the enduring presence of God in our lives, a beacon of hope in times of darkness.

In “Never Seen,” Yadah and Sunmisola Agbebi have created a timeless masterpiece that resonates with believers across the globe. Through their artistry and passion, they invite listeners to immerse themselves in the boundless love of the Divine, to dwell in the awe-inspiring wonder of His presence, and to find solace and strength in the eternal embrace of faith.


Yadah ft. Sunmisola Agbebi – Never seen Lyrics

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