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What A Wonderful Savior – Hymn


“What a Wonderful Savior” stands as a cherished hymn, extolling the magnificence and grace of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the Christian tradition, this sacred composition celebrates the redemptive work of Christ and His boundless love for humanity. With its uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics, the hymn serves as a powerful declaration of the Savior’s matchless worth and the salvation He offers to all who believe.

At the heart of “What a Wonderful Savior” lies a profound appreciation for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and the eternal hope He brings to those who place their trust in Him. The lyrics proclaim Jesus as the “Prince of Life,” the “Rescuer of Souls,” and the “Savior of sinners,” inviting believers to marvel at the depth of His love and the richness of His grace. Through its stirring verses and triumphant refrain, the hymn inspires gratitude and adoration for the Savior who gave His life to ransom ours.

In addition to its lyrical depth, “What a Wonderful Savior” is accompanied by a stirring melody that enhances its message of praise and thanksgiving. From the majestic strains of the opening notes to the exultant crescendo of the final chorus, the music uplifts the soul and stirs the heart, inviting worshippers to join in the chorus of praise to the Savior. With its timeless appeal and emotive arrangement, the hymn continues to captivate hearts and inspire devotion across generations and cultures.

For those seeking to experience the beauty and power of “What a Wonderful Savior,” the MP3 and lyrics are readily available for download. Whether for personal reflection, congregational worship, or simply to express gratitude for the Savior’s love and sacrifice, this cherished hymn remains a source of inspiration and encouragement for all who encounter it. Through the combination of its stirring melody and profound lyrics, “What a Wonderful Savior” invites believers to rejoice in the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ alone.


What A Wonderful Savior (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 Christ has for sin atonement made,
What a wonderful Saviour!
We are redeemed! the price is paid!
What a wonderful Saviour!

What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Jesus!
What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord!

2 I praise Him for the cleansing blood,
What a wonderful Saviour!
That reconciled my soul to God;
What a wonderful Saviour! (Refrain)

3 He cleansed my heart from all its sin,
What a wonderful Saviour!
And now He reigns and rules therein;
What a wonderful Saviour! (Refrain)

4 He gives me overcoming pow’r,
What a wonderful Saviour!
And triumph in each trying hour;
What a wonderful Saviour! (Refrain)

5 To Him I’ve given all my heart,
What a wonderful Saviour!
The world shall never share a part;
What a wonderful Saviour! (Refrain)

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