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We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord – Hymn


“We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord” transcends its categorization as a traditional hymn, transforming into a vibrant expression of gratitude and joyful observance. Through its blend of uplifting melody, heartfelt lyrics, and a profound sense of reverence, the hymn invites listeners to join in a collective celebration of the Sabbath, a time dedicated to worship, reflection, and connection with the divine.

The song commences with a bold declaration: “We love Thy Sabbath, Lord,” establishing the central theme: unwavering love and appreciation for the sacred day of rest and devotion. The inviting melody and warm harmonies create a welcoming atmosphere, extending an invitation to join in the celebration.

While the Sabbath offers a welcome respite from the busyness of everyday life, “We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord” emphasizes the spiritual significance of the occasion. Lines like “In Thy holy courts we meet, Where we worship at Thy feet” highlight the opportunity to connect with the divine through prayer, reflection, and community worship. The music subtly shifts, incorporating elements of traditional hymns and uplifting gospel influences, reflecting the spirit of reverence and joy associated with the sacred observance.


We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 We love Thy Sabbath, Lord,
And worship at Thy will;
Oh may these hours sweet peace afford
And deeper faith instill.

2 Thine angels sang for joy
Creation’s work to see;
We too, this day, would raise our hearts
In grateful praise to Thee.

3 Praise for Thy wondrous love,
That sealed this sacred day,
A sign that all may understand
We own Thy sovereign sway.

4 O great Creator King,
Through Thy redeeming grace,
Renew and sanctify our hearts
That we may see Thy face.

5 And with the white-robed throng,
Upon Mount Sion be,
And joyful sing our Sabbath song
Through all eternity.

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