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We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord – Hymn (Mp3 & Lyrics)


Enter into the sacred rhythm of worship with the hymn “We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord,” a timeless composition that resonates with reverence and devotion. This hymn, available in both MP3 and lyrics formats, serves as a melodious celebration of the Sabbath—a day set apart for rest, reflection, and communion with the Divine. The gentle chords of the MP3 rendition create an atmosphere of tranquility, inviting worshippers to embrace the sanctity of the Sabbath and rejoice in the blessings it brings.

The musical arrangement of “We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord” delicately captures the spirit of Sabbath worship, infusing the hymn with a sense of serenity and gratitude. The melody becomes a harmonious vessel for the heartfelt lyrics, enhancing the hymn’s ability to guide worshippers into a contemplative space. Whether sung in congregational gatherings or cherished in personal moments of Sabbath observance, the hymn becomes a melodic expression of love and appreciation for the sacred day.

Lyrically, the hymn unfolds as a poetic affirmation of the blessings and sanctity of the Sabbath. Each verse serves as a lyrical ode to the restorative power and spiritual significance of the day of rest. “We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord” becomes a heartfelt proclamation of devotion, expressing the joy that comes from setting aside time to honor and worship the Creator. The hymn’s verses weave together themes of rest, fellowship, and spiritual renewal, creating a tapestry of praise for the sacred Sabbath day.


We Love Thy Sabbath, Lord (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 We love Thy Sabbath, Lord,
And worship at Thy will;
Oh may these hours sweet peace afford
And deeper faith instill.

2 Thine angels sang for joy
Creation’s work to see;
We too, this day, would raise our hearts
In grateful praise to Thee.

3 Praise for Thy wondrous love,
That sealed this sacred day,
A sign that all may understand
We own Thy sovereign sway.

4 O great Creator King,
Through Thy redeeming grace,
Renew and sanctify our hearts
That we may see Thy face.

5 And with the white-robed throng,
Upon Mount Sion be,
And joyful sing our Sabbath song
Through all eternity.

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