Saturday, June 15, 2024

Victoria Orenze – Make Jesus Proud


“Make Him Proud” serves as more than just a song; it is an opportunity for a transformative encounter with worship.

The music provides a perfect backdrop for contemplation, gratitude, and a deep connection with the divine. As you listen, allow the harmonious blend of melodies and lyrics to uplift your spirit and usher you into a space of reverence and thanksgiving.

This musical offering by Victoria Orenze is a perfect antidote to the busyness of life, offering a moment of respite to reflect on the blessings and faithfulness experienced throughout the year. It encapsulates the essence of worship, encouraging listeners to not only appreciate the extraordinary works of the Sovereign Lord but also to respond with a heart that desires to make Him proud through a life of gratitude and devotion.

Embrace the opportunity to enrich your soul with the transcendent beauty of “Make Him Proud” and let this melodic masterpiece be a poignant soundtrack as you approach the conclusion of the year.


Victoria Orenze – Make Jesus Proud Lyrics

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