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Tye Tribbett – G.A. Hymn (Who Else but God)


“Who Else but God” is a powerful hymn by Tye Tribbett and G.A. (Greater Anointing) that magnifies the greatness and sovereignty of God. With its dynamic melody and fervent lyrics, this song serves as a declaration of faith and trust in the Lord’s unfailing love and power. From the opening lines, it exudes a sense of awe and reverence, acknowledging God as the source of all blessings and miracles.

As the song unfolds, it explores the themes of worship, adoration, and praise, inviting believers to lift their voices in exaltation of the Almighty. It celebrates God’s faithfulness and goodness, affirming His sovereignty over all creation and His ability to do the impossible.

Throughout the verses, “Who Else but God” speaks of the transformative power of God’s presence, which brings healing, deliverance, and victory to His people. It offers words of encouragement and inspiration, reminding listeners of the hope and assurance found in trusting in the Lord’s promises.

The chorus of the hymn serves as a triumphant declaration of faith, as believers rejoice in the unmatched greatness of God and declare His majesty to all the earth. It encourages listeners to join in the chorus of praise, lifting high the name of Jesus and magnifying His glory.


G.A. Hymn (Who Else but God) by Tye Tribbett Lyrics

Who is He who answers when I call?
Who is there in the time of need?
And when I get weak who gives me His strength?
Who else but God, who else but God

Who has power beyond what eyes can see?
Who orders the wind blow and rivers flow?
So great and mighty, yet still cares for me
Who else but God, who else but God

Now who is He who keeps my mind at ease?
And who gives me praise for heaviness?, and
For ashes, who gives beauty?
Who else but God, who else but God

Now who is He who always makes a way?
Who’s the one who never fails?
And in my trouble, who’s my present help?
Who else but God, who else but God

No one else can do the things You do
You are holy
That’s why I will always worship You
You are holy

Who is He who gives health to my flesh?
Who allows my eyes to see?
And who’ll be there when everyone else leaves?
Who else but God, who else but God

Now who’s the one who died on Calvary?
And on day three rose again
And by His blood I’ve been redeemed
Who else but God, who else but God

Who deserves the glory that is due?
And who should I give all my praise?
And when I give thanks…
Where should it go to?
Who else but God, who else but God

Oh God (Who has blessed me, (God) inspite of my ways? (God) Who has given me His favor?)
Oh God (Who loves me even more than myself?)
Who else but God, who else but God

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