Sunday, June 16, 2024

Travis Greene – Rest On Us


Travis Greene’s New Song Release: “Rest On Us”

In the realm of contemporary gospel music, Travis Greene stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration. Known for his dynamic worship style and profound lyrical content, Greene has consistently delivered songs that resonate deeply with audiences around the world. His latest release, “Rest On Us,” is yet another powerful addition to his impressive discography, inviting listeners into a profound spiritual encounter.

Travis Greene is known for collaborating with other artists to create powerful worship experiences, and “Rest On Us” is no exception. The song features a stellar lineup of musicians and vocalists who bring their unique talents to the track. This collaborative spirit is evident in the seamless blend of voices and instruments, creating a unified sound that magnifies the song’s impact.

At the core of “Rest On Us” are its deeply moving lyrics. Greene has a remarkable ability to pen words that are both simple and profoundly impactful. In a time when many are seeking solace and strength, “Rest On Us” offers a timely reminder of the peace that comes from resting in God’s presence.


Video: Travis Greene – Rest On Us

Lyrics: Travis Greene – Rest On Us

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