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There’s A Wilderness In God’s Mercy – Hymn (Mp3 & Lyrics)


The emotive power of the hymn is brought to life through its carefully crafted lyrics, which serve as a vessel for conveying the complexity of divine mercy. The choice of a wilderness metaphor adds layers of depth to the hymn, symbolizing both the vastness and the untamed beauty of God’s mercy. As listeners engage with the MP3 rendition, the melody becomes a vehicle for transporting hearts into this spiritual wilderness, where believers can intimately connect with the profound grace that emanates from the divine.

The hymn’s lyrical richness is complemented by a melody that resonates with a timeless, reverential quality. The arrangement captures the essence of traditional hymnody while embracing a contemporary musical sensibility, ensuring its accessibility to a diverse audience. “There’s A Wilderness In God’s Mercy” becomes a timeless piece that bridges the gap between the sacred and the contemporary, offering worshippers a musical sanctuary where they can find solace, reflection, and communion with the divine.

Whether sung in congregational worship or listened to in the solitude of personal reflection, this hymn becomes a sacred conduit for believers to express their gratitude for God’s unending mercy. As the lyrics intertwine with the soul-stirring melody, worshippers are invited to embark on a spiritual journey where the wilderness of God’s mercy becomes a transformative landscape of grace, redemption, and profound connection with the divine.


1 There’s a wideness in God’s mercy,
like the wideness of the sea.
There’s a kindness in God’s justice,
which is more than liberty.

2 There is welcome for the sinner,
and more graces for the good.
There is mercy with the Savior,
there is healing in his blood.

3 But we make God’s love too narrow
by false limits of our own,
and we magnify its strictness
with a zeal God will not own.

4 For the love of God is broader
than the measures of the mind,
and the heart of the Eternal
is most wonderfully kind.

5 If our love were but more simple,
we should rest upon God’s word,
and our lives would be illumined
by the presence of our Lord.

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