Tuesday, April 23, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman, a highly regarded figure in the Christian community, stands as a distinguished voice delivering a compelling and spiritually enriching message in his sermon titled “The Power of His Resurrection.” This particular discourse served as a notable highlight during the Mercy Conference in 2024, where Apostle Selman expounded on the transformative and life-altering implications of Christ’s resurrection.

The theme of the sermon, “The Power of His Resurrection,” carries profound and inherent significance. It suggests a focus on the dynamic force unleashed through Christ’s resurrection—an event central to Christian theology. This theme, in essence, implies a divine power that possesses the potential to revolutionize the lives of believers.

Apostle Joshua Selman, known for his dynamic and impactful preaching style, likely delved into various aspects of the resurrection narrative during this sermon. He may have explored the theological underpinnings of the resurrection, emphasizing its role in the redemption of humanity, victory over sin and death, and the establishment of a new covenant between God and believers.

The sermon may have also touched on the practical implications of living in the power of Christ’s resurrection. This could include discussions on the believer’s identity, purpose, and the transformative impact of embracing the resurrection power in daily life. Such messages often aim to inspire and equip believers to live victorious and purposeful lives based on the assurance of the resurrection’s significance.

Given the context of the Mercy Conference in 2024, the message likely emphasized God’s mercy and grace as manifested through the resurrection, emphasizing the profound love of God for humanity.


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