Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Christian Children’s Choir – This Train


The Christian Children’s Choir’s “This Train” invites listeners on a captivating journey of faith and hope. Delivered with the innocent enthusiasm of young voices, the song employs the metaphor of a train to symbolize embarking on a spiritual quest alongside God.

The song opens with a captivating instrumental intro, building anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead. The use of rhythmic percussion and a steady pace creates a sense of movement and purpose, mirroring the train’s steady advance.

The song’s message unfolds through simple yet powerful lyrics. Lines like “This train is bound for glory, riding on the iron way” and “We’re all on board together, traveling night and day” paint a vivid picture of a shared journey towards a promised land.

“This Train” fosters a sense of unity and purpose. The collective voices of the children create a sense of community, highlighting the shared faith and aspirations of the passengers on this spiritual journey.

The image of a train, a powerful symbol of travel and discovery, transcends generations and cultures. The song speaks to individuals of all ages, inviting them to join in the journey of faith, regardless of their previous experiences or backgrounds.


The Christian Children’s Choir – This Train Lyrics

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