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Steven Malcolm – Truth Story


In Steven Malcolm’s compelling narrative, “Truth Story,” listeners are invited on a thought-provoking journey through the complexities of life and faith. Through its introspective lyrics and stirring beats, the song emerges as a raw and honest exploration of personal struggles and triumphs, anchored in the unchanging truth of God’s redemptive power. Malcolm’s artistry serves as a conduit for vulnerability and authenticity, inviting listeners to confront their own narratives in light of God’s unwavering love and grace.

At its essence, “Truth Story” delves into the multifaceted layers of the human experience, exploring themes of identity, purpose, and redemption. Malcolm’s lyrics resonate with a sense of sincerity and vulnerability as he shares his own story of brokenness and restoration. With each verse, listeners are drawn into a narrative of hope and transformation, where the truth of God’s love intersects with the complexities of life’s journey.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Truth Story” is its ability to evoke empathy and introspection in the listener. Malcolm’s emotive delivery and heartfelt storytelling create an atmosphere of authenticity and connection, where listeners are invited to reflect on their own experiences and encounters with God’s grace. It’s a reminder that, in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations, there is hope to be found in the unchanging truth of God’s promises.

Beyond its musical excellence, “Truth Story” carries a prophetic message of hope and redemption that resonates with believers and seekers alike. Malcolm’s heartfelt plea for authenticity and vulnerability serves as a catalyst for healing and restoration, inspiring listeners to embrace their own stories with courage and grace. It’s a call to embrace the truth that, in Christ, our brokenness is transformed into beauty, and our stories become a testimony of His faithfulness.


Steven Malcolm Truth Story Lyrics

even Malcolm Lyrics
The diary of an introvert
Speak so vividly
Anchor for change
Play my role effortlessly
Voice for the voiceless
Bring the world hope when I speak
Built for infinity
They can’t break up a link
Got a buzz now, name ringin’
I’m on one knee
Silent prayer for the journey
And all my enemies
Rocky seed
Yet I grew me a family tree
It’s jus’ T, Z, and me what else do I need

All facts
Based on a truth story
Based on the simple fact
That I’m living God gets the glory
He brought me out of the mud
Can’t make this up I done seen
The darkest be made clean
The furthest given the keys
Given freedom
Broken every way
But I ran into a healer
Life needed a fix
Then I ran into a dealer
City need a star
So I turned into a leader
Crazy how he turn a blind man into a seeker

Alien like a Neptune this is the for real me
How that boy stay out of sight but they still feel me
4th quarter in
Jus’ a set up for the kill scene
Living to inspire wit the dream
Look how he filled me
Always held a lot inside
Now, what a filling
Never should a made it
But a real one in the building
Cook up at the BNB
Feel like it got no ceiling
Sky is the limit
It took time to reveal it

Grind to conceal it
Faith to fulfill it
Truth to reveal it
You control the waves watch ’em listen

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