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Spirit of Prophecy – Kahamara (Live)


Spirit of Prophecy’s “Kahamara”: A Powerful Live Performance That Elevates Worship

In the vibrant and diverse world of gospel music, live performances often capture the raw energy and spiritual depth that recordings can sometimes miss. One such performance that has recently captured the hearts of many is “Kahamara” by the South African gospel group Spirit of Prophecy.

Spirit of Prophecy is a South African gospel music team known for their powerful worship songs and electrifying live performances. Their music blends traditional gospel elements with contemporary sounds, creating a unique worship experience that resonates deeply with diverse audiences. Their commitment to delivering spiritually uplifting music has earned them a dedicated following both in South Africa and internationally.

“Kahamara,” a song that translates to “Praise Him,” is a vibrant declaration of worship and adoration for God. Performed live, the song takes on an even greater dimension of energy and enthusiasm. The lyrics, rich with expressions of gratitude and reverence, encourage believers to lift their voices and hearts in praise to the Almighty.

The live performance of “Kahamara” has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. Audiences have praised the group for their passionate delivery and the powerful spiritual atmosphere they create.


Video: Spirit of Prophecy – Kahamara (Live)

Lyrics: Spirit of Prophecy – Kahamara (Live)

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