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Siloam Choir – Umuriro W’Umwuka Wera


“Umuriro W’Umwuka Wera” by Siloam Choir is a spirited anthem of praise and worship, deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of Rwanda. Through its vibrant melodies and uplifting lyrics, the song ignites the soul with a fervent devotion to the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the metaphorical fire referenced in its title.

In the opening verse, Siloam Choir sets the tone by invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit, likening His divine essence to a blazing fire. The lyrics exalt the transformative power of His presence, which purifies, empowers, and guides believers on their spiritual journey. It’s a stirring call to surrender to the refining work of the Spirit, allowing His fiery presence to consume every aspect of our lives.

As the song progresses, the chorus erupts with an infectious energy, as the choir leads listeners in a jubilant celebration of the Spirit’s work. With each repetition of “Umuriro W’Umwuka Wera,” the song builds to a crescendo of exultant worship, as voices unite in adoration of the Holy Spirit. It’s a moment of communal reverence and awe, as believers join together to lift up their voices in thanksgiving for His presence and power.

In the bridge, the song reaches its emotional peak, as the choir’s impassioned vocals soar to new heights. Here, amidst soaring instrumentation and stirring harmonies, the singers pour out their hearts in adoration of the Spirit. It’s a moment of intimate connection with the divine, as they testify to the life-changing impact of His presence, which brings comfort, guidance, and renewal to all who seek Him.

In the final verse and chorus, “Umuriro W’Umwuka Wera” culminates in a resounding declaration of faith and surrender. With hearts ablaze with love and gratitude, Siloam Choir affirms their unwavering trust in the Holy Spirit’s transformative work in their lives. As the music fades into silence, the song leaves a lasting impression, inspiring listeners to embrace the fire of the Spirit and allow His presence to ignite their souls with passion, purpose, and praise.


Siloam Choir – Umuriro W’Umwuka Wera Lyrics

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