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Saviour, Teach Me – Hymn


“Saviour, Teach Me” is a hymn that embodies the earnest plea of a believer to be guided and instructed by the Savior in the ways of righteousness and truth. Its melody and lyrics convey a profound sense of humility and longing for divine wisdom and guidance. With its heartfelt verses and fervent chorus, the hymn serves as a heartfelt prayer for spiritual enlightenment and growth in faith.

At its core, “Saviour, Teach Me” is a hymn of surrender and dependence, acknowledging the need for the Savior’s guidance in navigating life’s journey. Its opening lines set the tone for a sincere expression of the believer’s desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and to learn from His teachings. As the hymn unfolds, it becomes a soul-stirring meditation on the transformative power of Christ’s instruction and the profound impact it can have on one’s life.

Embedded within the verses of “Saviour, Teach Me” are themes of discipleship, obedience, and spiritual growth. It speaks to the universal human experience of seeking direction and purpose, offering reassurance that the Savior is ever-present and ready to guide those who earnestly seek His counsel. Through its timeless message, the hymn invites listeners to open their hearts to the wisdom and truth of Christ and to surrender their lives to His divine will.


Saviour, Teach Me (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 Savior, teach me, day by day,
love’s sweet lesson to obey;
sweeter lesson cannot be,
loving him who first loved me.

2 With a child’s glad heart of love,
at thy bidding may I move;
prompt to serve and follow thee,
loving him who first loved me.

3 Teach me thus thy steps to trace,
strong to follow in thy grace;
learning how to love from thee,
loving him who first loved me.

4 Love in loving finds employ,
in obedience all her joy;
ever new that joy will be,
loving him who first loved me.

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