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Ricky Dillard – Lord You’Re Great


Ricky Dillard unveils a captivating musical creation with the heartfelt anthem, “Lord You’re Great.” This composition not only spotlights Dillard’s musical artistry but serves as a reverent acknowledgment of the greatness of the divine presence in his life.

The opening notes of “Lord You’re Great” resonate with a harmonious blend of melody, creating an atmosphere of spiritual elevation. Dillard’s emotive vocal delivery, accompanied by a soulful choir, weaves a musical tapestry that exalts the magnificence of the Lord. The song transcends the boundaries of mere musical expression; it becomes a profound expression of gratitude and awe for the greatness of the divine.

The lyrics of “Lord You’re Great” delve into the attributes and virtues that make the Lord an extraordinary and unmatched force. Dillard’s lyrical craftsmanship articulates the boundless love, wisdom, and omnipotence of the divine, creating a lyrical journey that uplifts and inspires. The composition becomes a conduit for listeners to join in the celebration of the greatness of the Lord, fostering a collective sense of awe and reverence.

As the musical narrative unfolds, “Lord You’re Great” transforms into a communal hymn of praise and worship. Dillard’s creation encourages listeners to reflect on their own spiritual experiences, inviting a shared connection with the profound greatness of the divine. The song becomes a powerful expression of devotion and a testament to the impact of divine greatness on the human soul.


Ricky Dillard – Lord You’Re Great Lyrics

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