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Progress Effiong – God When


“God When” by Progress Effiong is a soul-stirring ballad that resonates deeply with listeners, capturing the universal cry of the human heart for divine intervention. With his poignant lyrics and emotive delivery, Progress Effiong invites listeners to join him on a journey of faith and longing as he wrestles with questions of timing and purpose in the face of life’s challenges. Through heartfelt verses and a stirring chorus, “God When” becomes more than just a song; it becomes a heartfelt prayer, a plea for guidance and reassurance in times of uncertainty.

As the music swells and Progress Effiong’s vocals soar, listeners are drawn into the raw emotion and vulnerability of “God When.” Each lyric is infused with honesty and authenticity, reflecting the songwriter’s own struggles and triumphs on his spiritual journey. Whether it’s the gentle piano melodies or the sweeping orchestral arrangements, every aspect of the song is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of reverence and awe, creating a space for listeners to pour out their hearts before the Divine.

“God When” serves as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is hope to be found in faith and trust in a higher power. Progress Effiong’s stirring performance and heartfelt lyrics speak to the resilience of the human spirit and the belief that, ultimately, there is a greater plan at work. Through his music, Progress Effiong encourages listeners to hold on to their faith and find strength in the knowledge that they are never alone, even in their most desperate moments.

With “God When,” Progress Effiong has created a timeless anthem of hope and perseverance, a song that speaks to the deepest longings of the human soul. As listeners are swept away by the beauty and power of the music, they are reminded of the enduring truth that, no matter what trials they may face, there is always a reason to hold on to hope and trust in the unfailing love of a God who is always faithful.


Progress Effiong – God When Lyrics

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