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PJ Morton – You Should Be Ashamed


While PJ Morton’s “You Should Be Ashamed” isn’t technically a sermon, it carries the weight and power of one, delivering a poignant message disguised as a soulful song. Instead of preaching from a pulpit, Morton uses the stage as his platform, his voice as his instrument, to address crucial societal issues with both anger and love.

The song opens with a stark accusation: “You should be ashamed.” These bold words immediately grab your attention, demanding introspection and challenging comfortable complacency. Morton paints a picture of injustice, racism, and hatred, reminding us of the pain inflicted on marginalized communities for far too long. He doesn’t shy away from naming the problem, his tone a blend of righteous anger and sorrowful disappointment.

But “You Should Be Ashamed” isn’t just about pointing fingers. It delves deeper, urging listeners to question their own roles. The lyrics, “After all this time you won’t change your mind,” challenge individual biases and unconscious prejudices. This call to self-reflection pushes us to consider our own contributions to systemic issues, encouraging a shift from mere awareness to personal accountability.

However, the message doesn’t end in despair. Woven into the accusatory lyrics are threads of hope. The repeated refrain, “It wouldn’t take much to see that we are more the same,” reminds us of our shared humanity. Morton emphasizes the interconnectedness of our experiences,


You Should Be Ashamed by PJ Morton Lyrics

You should be ashamed
That nothing’s really changed
And it’s your ignorance
That won’t give me a chance
Because of the color of my skin
You won’t listen
And after all this time
You won’t change your mind
And you should be ashamed

What more will it take
Before you realize your mistakes?
You’ve got it all wrong
And you’ve been wrong all along
Now look where we are
We haven’t healed one scar, oh
And after all this time
You won’t change your mind
You should be ashamed

You should be ashamed
For believing what they say
Just taking their word
And causing you to hate
You don’t know me
And it wouldn’t take much to see
That we are more than same
Don’t even want to know my name
And you should be ashamed

And after all this time
I hope you change your mind
‘Cause you should be ashamed

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