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Phos Hilaron/ Hail Gladdening Light – Hymn


“Phos Hilaron,” also known as “Hail Gladdening Light,” is a hymn of ancient origin that has captivated worshippers for centuries with its timeless beauty and profound spirituality. Its Latin title translates to “Joyful Light,” and it is traditionally sung during evening prayers or vespers. With its serene melody and reverent lyrics, the hymn invites listeners to welcome the presence of God’s light into their hearts and minds, illuminating the darkness with divine grace and hope.

At its core, “Phos Hilaron” is a hymn of praise and thanksgiving, offering homage to the Creator for the gift of light that dispels the shadows of night. Its opening lines serve as a joyful proclamation of the arrival of evening and the emergence of the stars, symbolizing the presence of God’s radiant love in the world. As the hymn unfolds, it becomes a prayerful meditation on the transformative power of divine illumination and the peace it brings to troubled souls.

Embedded within the verses of “Phos Hilaron” are themes of illumination, salvation, and spiritual awakening. It speaks to the universal human experience of seeking enlightenment and guidance in times of darkness, offering reassurance that God’s light shines eternally, guiding His children on their journey of faith. Through its timeless message, the hymn invites listeners to open their hearts to the divine presence and to embrace the transformative power of God’s love.


Phos Hilaron/ Hail Gladdening Light (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

Hail Gladdening Light
Of His pure glory poured
Who is the Immortal Father, Heavenly Blest
Holiest of Holies, Jesus Christ our Lord

Now we are come to the sun’s hour of rest
The lights of evening ’round us shine
We hymn the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Divine

Worthiest art Though, at all times to be sung
With undefiled tongue
Son of our God, Giver of life alone
Therefore, in all the world Thy glories Lord
Thine own

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