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Philip Adzale – In My Heart


“Philip Adzale – In My Heart” is a captivating contemporary Christian song that resonates with the deep emotions and experiences of faith. Through poignant lyrics and soulful melodies, Philip Adzale invites listeners into a journey of introspection and spiritual reflection. The title, “In My Heart,” suggests a profound personal connection with God, indicating the depth of intimacy and sincerity in the worship expressed through the song.

In this heartfelt composition, Adzale explores themes of surrender, devotion, and love for the divine. Each verse and chorus serves as a heartfelt confession of faith, as the singer pours out his soul before God, expressing gratitude, adoration, and a longing for deeper communion. The song captures the essence of a personal relationship with the divine, inviting listeners to experience the transformative power of God’s love in their own lives.

The music itself is characterized by gentle melodies, evocative harmonies, and stirring instrumentation, creating an atmosphere of reverence and awe. Whether listened to in quiet solitude or sung in congregational worship, “In My Heart” has a profound impact on the hearts and minds of listeners, drawing them closer to the presence of God. Its timeless message serves as a reminder of the enduring faithfulness of God and the boundless depth of His love for His children.

Overall, “Philip Adzale – In My Heart” stands as a poignant expression of faith and devotion, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of their own hearts and encounter the presence of God in a personal and meaningful way. Through its heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, the song encourages believers to open their hearts to the transformative power of God’s love and experience His presence in every aspect of their lives.


Philip Adzale – In My Heart Lyrics

He’s King
He’s Lord
My lover
He’s drawn me to his chamber
Stay me with flagons
Comfort me with apples
For I am drowned in Your love

In my heart
In my heart
His love is burning in my heart

I’ve searched and searched all over
Indeed There is no other
Face to face
Fixed on His Gaze
His endless love is all I see

In my heart
In my heart
His love is burning in my heart

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