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Pelumi Deborah – Niwaju Oba


Pelumi Deborah’s “Niwaju Oba”: A Stirring Anthem of Divine Majesty

In the vibrant tapestry of contemporary gospel music, Pelumi Deborah emerges as a powerful voice with her new song “Niwaju Oba.” This latest release is a stirring anthem that exalts the majesty of God, inviting listeners into a profound experience of worship and reverence.

“Niwaju Oba,” which translates to “Before the King,” is a beautifully crafted song that centers around the awe and reverence due to God. From the opening notes, the song sets a tone of solemnity and grandeur, drawing listeners into a sacred space where they can reflect on the greatness of God.

Pelumi Deborah is quickly gaining recognition in the gospel music scene for her unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. Her ability to blend traditional influences with contemporary styles sets her apart as an artist to watch. “Niwaju Oba” is a testament to her talent and her dedication to creating music that uplifts and inspires.

“Niwaju Oba” is a magnificent addition to Pelumi Deborah’s growing repertoire. Its powerful message, combined with Deborah’s exceptional vocal performance and the rich musical arrangement, makes it a standout track in contemporary gospel music.


Video: Pelumi Deborah – Niwaju Oba

Lyrics: Pelumi Deborah – Niwaju Oba

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