Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Paul Clement- Utayatenda


Gospel sensation Paul Clement introduces a stirring testament to God’s faithfulness with his latest release, “Utayatenda.” In this melodious anthem, the artist brings to life a profound declaration of trust and confidence in the promises of a faithful Creator.

Lyrically, “Utayatenda,” which translates to “You Will Do It” in English, unfolds as a heartfelt acknowledgment of God’s unwavering commitment to fulfill His promises. Paul Clement’s soulful vocals breathe life into verses that express the unshakeable confidence in the divine nature to bring about what has been declared. The song becomes a resounding declaration of trust, inspiring listeners to anchor their faith in the certainty of God’s faithfulness.

Musically, the arrangement of “Utayatenda” showcases Paul Clement’s artistic prowess. The composition features a harmonious blend of uplifting melodies, worshipful lyrics, and the artist’s dynamic vocal delivery. The music becomes a conduit for the emotions and the spiritual connection embedded in the lyrics, creating an atmosphere that encourages listeners to join in the celebration of God’s promises.


Paul Clement- Utayatenda Lyrics

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