Monday, June 17, 2024

Pastor Courage – Igwe


Pastor Courage, a dynamic figure in the gospel music scene, has recently unveiled his latest offering: “Igwe.”

This vibrant anthem, filled with infectious rhythms and heartfelt praise, is already captivating audiences with its celebratory spirit and powerful message. As listeners are drawn into its uplifting melodies and spirited lyrics, “Igwe” stands as a testament to the joy and majesty of worship.

“Igwe,” which translates to “King” in Igbo, is a jubilant celebration of the sovereignty and majesty of God. From the lively beats to the exuberant vocals, the song radiates a sense of reverence and adoration for the King of kings. Pastor Courage’s impassioned delivery and infectious energy invite listeners to join in the joyful proclamation of God’s reign and dominion.


Video: Pastor Courage – Igwe

Lyrics: Pastor Courage – Igwe

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