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Pastor Courage – Fire On My Altar


Pastor Courage ignites a spiritual blaze with his dynamic track “Fire On My Altar,” a fervent call to divine presence and power. In this soul-stirring composition, Pastor Courage infuses his passionate vocals with the fervor of spiritual devotion, urging listeners to seek a deeper connection with the divine.

Within the pulsating beats and fervent verses of “Fire On My Altar,” Pastor Courage creates an atmosphere of reverence and expectation. The song serves as a declaration of spiritual hunger and a longing for the transformative fire of God’s presence to ignite within the hearts of believers.

As the music crescendos, it evokes a sense of urgency and anticipation, compelling listeners to respond to the divine call. Pastor Courage’s impassioned delivery resonates with sincerity and conviction, igniting a flame of faith and zeal within the hearts of all who listen.

Through its stirring melodies and evocative lyrics, “Fire On My Altar” becomes a sacred anthem of surrender and consecration. It challenges listeners to lay aside the distractions of the world and to focus their hearts and minds on the pursuit of divine intimacy and revival.


Pastor Courage – Fire On My Altar Lyrics

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