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Passion – Fall Like Rain


In Passion’s evocative track, “Fall Like Rain,” listeners are enveloped in a poetic narrative of spiritual renewal, cleansing, and divine intervention. Through its immersive melodies and poignant lyrics, the song becomes a captivating portrayal of the transformative power of God’s presence and the refreshing outpouring of His grace. Passion’s rendition emerges as a heartfelt plea for spiritual revival and the restoration of hearts and souls.

At its core, “Fall Like Rain” encapsulates the timeless imagery of rain as a symbol of God’s blessing and renewal. Passion’s lyrics are steeped in reverence and longing, invoking the imagery of rain as a metaphor for the Holy Spirit’s transformative work in the lives of believers. Each verse becomes a sacred invocation, inviting listeners to open their hearts to the refreshing showers of God’s grace and mercy.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Fall Like Rain” is its ability to evoke a sense of awe and wonder in the listener. Passion’s emotive delivery and soul-stirring harmonies create an atmosphere of sacred expectation, where listeners are invited to anticipate the outpouring of God’s presence. It’s a reminder that, just as rain brings life and renewal to the earth, so too does the Holy Spirit bring new life and transformation to those who seek Him.

Beyond its musical excellence, “Fall Like Rain” carries a message of hope and anticipation that resonates deeply with listeners. Passion’s heartfelt lyrics serve as a reminder of the unchanging faithfulness of God and the promise of spiritual renewal for all who call upon His name. It’s a call to embrace the truth that, no matter the dryness or desolation of our circumstances, God’s grace is sufficient to bring new life and vitality to our souls.


Passion ft. Rachel Halbach Fall Like Rain Lyrics

God, I live to worship You
All my life I offer You
Simple melodies of sacrifice

Open hands and open heart
You’re the only one I want
Your presence is my treasure, my delight

Fall like rain
Holy Spirit
Fall like rain
Holy Spirit
Have Your way
Let Your Glory fall down
Let Your Glory fall down

One thing I ask, one thing I seek
So much more than anything
To dwell within Your house for all my days

Knowing You is everything
So I let go of lesser things
You alone are worthy of my praise
Stir in me a passion for Your Name

May I never lose the wonder of Your presence
May I always stand in awe of who You are
Oh the beauty and the gift of Your friendship
Is unlike anything I’ve ever known

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