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Passion – Calvary’S Enough


In Passion’s moving hymn, “Calvary’s Enough,” listeners are immersed in a profound reflection on the boundless grace and redemption found in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Through its poignant melodies and reverent lyrics, the song serves as a powerful declaration of the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement for humanity’s salvation. Passion’s rendition becomes a heartfelt anthem of gratitude and reverence, inviting listeners to embrace the transformative power of the cross.

At its core, “Calvary’s Enough” encapsulates the essence of Christian faith and the centrality of Christ’s sacrifice in the redemption of mankind. Passion’s lyrics are infused with deep reverence and awe, acknowledging the immeasurable price paid on Calvary’s hill for the forgiveness of sins. Each verse carries the weight of this divine sacrifice, inviting listeners to contemplate the depth of God’s love and the freedom found in His grace.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Calvary’s Enough” is its ability to evoke a sense of spiritual awakening and gratitude in the listener. Passion’s emotive delivery and soul-stirring harmonies create an atmosphere of sacred reflection, where listeners are invited to contemplate the profound significance of Christ’s sacrifice. It’s a reminder that, through His death and resurrection, Christ has provided a way for humanity to be reconciled to God and experience eternal life.

Beyond its musical excellence, “Calvary’s Enough” carries a message of hope and redemption that resonates deeply with listeners. Passion’s heartfelt lyrics serve as a testament to the transformative power of the cross and the unending grace available to all who believe. It’s a call to embrace the truth that, no matter the depth of our sins or the challenges we face, Calvary’s sacrifice is more than enough to cover all our shortcomings and bring us into communion with God.


Passion Calvary’S Enough Lyrics

I resolve to know nothing but You crucified
Somehow in this room right now
It is enough
The weight of the world
Too much for the souls of men
But somehow You hold it all
Upon the cross

Calvary’s enough
Calvary’s enough
When I know nothing
When I know too much
What I choose to know right now is
Calvary’s enough

You resolved to die
Scarlet flowing from Your hands and side
Covenant is sealed and ratified
You knew the cost
As the darkness fell
And the temple curtain tore
The death I deserved You made Yours
Upon the cross

Calvary’s enough
Calvary’s enough
God, I know nothing
But I know this much

Your blood has spoken
It shouts from the cross
The world is broken
But all is not lost
Because of Jesus and all You have done
On calvary
It’s more than enough

God, I know nothing
But I know this much
Oh, calvary is always enough

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