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O Perfect Love – Hymn


“O Perfect Love” stands as a timeless hymn that celebrates the beauty and sanctity of love within the context of marriage. With its tender melody and heartfelt lyrics, this cherished hymn offers a poignant expression of devotion and commitment between two souls joined together in matrimony.

As the melody gently unfolds, “O Perfect Love” creates an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, evoking the tender emotions that accompany the union of two hearts. The soft strains of the music, accompanied by gentle harmonies, envelop listeners in a sense of peace and serenity, inviting them to reflect on the profound bond of love between husband and wife.

The lyrics of the hymn are a poetic celebration of the sacred covenant of marriage. Each verse expresses the deep love and commitment shared between husband and wife, as they embark on life’s journey together. From the opening lines—”O perfect Love, all human thought transcending, lowly we kneel in prayer before Thy throne”—to the heartfelt refrain—”O perfect Life, be Thou their full assurance, of tender charity and steadfast faith”—the hymn becomes a heartfelt prayer for God’s blessing and guidance upon the union of two souls.

As couples join their voices in singing “O Perfect Love,” they are reminded of the sanctity and beauty of their marriage vows. The hymn becomes a sacred moment of reflection and recommitment, as they reaffirm their love and devotion to one another before God and their community.


O Perfect Love (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

O perfect Love, all human thought transcending,
lowly we kneel in prayer before thy throne,
that theirs may be the love which knows no ending,
whom thou in sacred vow dost join in one.

2 O perfect Life, be thou their full assurance
of tender charity and steadfast faith,
of patient hope and quiet, brave endurance,
with childlike trust that fears no pain or death.

3 Grant them the joy which brightens earthly sorrow;
grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife;
grant them the vision of the glorious morrow
that will reveal eternal love and life.

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