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Now The Day Is Over – Hymn


“Now the Day is Over” stands as a timeless hymn of reflection and gratitude, inviting believers to pause and ponder the blessings of the day as nightfall approaches. With its gentle melody and poignant lyrics, this cherished hymn offers solace and comfort as day transitions into night.

As the melody softly unfolds, “Now the Day is Over” creates a tranquil atmosphere, inviting listeners to slow down and reflect on the events of the day. The soothing strains of the music evoke a sense of peace and serenity, providing a moment of respite from the busyness of life.

The lyrics of the hymn are a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving and surrender to God’s care. Each verse expresses gratitude for the blessings of the day and a longing for divine protection and guidance during the night. From the opening lines—”Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh”—to the tender refrain—”Keep me, Jesus, in Thy sight”—the hymn becomes a heartfelt plea for God’s presence and protection.

As believers join their voices in singing “Now the Day is Over,” they are reminded of God’s faithfulness and provision throughout the day. The hymn becomes a sacred moment of communion with the divine, as hearts are lifted in thanksgiving and surrender to His loving care.


Now The Day Is Over (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

Now the day is over,
night is drawing nigh;
shadows of the evening
steal across the sky.

2 Jesus, give the weary
calm and sweet repose;
with your tend’rest blessing
may my eyelids close.

3 Comfort ev’ry suff’rer
watching late in pain;
those who plan some evil,
from their sin restrain.

4 Thro’ the long night-watches
may your angels spread
their bright wings above me,
watching round my bed.

5 When the morning wakens,
then may I arise
pure and fresh and sinless
in your holy eyes.

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