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NF – Wrap Me In Your Arms


“Wrap Me In Your Arms” by NF is a captivating exploration of the longing for comfort, solace, and divine presence in times of turmoil. In this song, NF showcases his ability to convey deep emotion and vulnerability through poignant lyricism and emotive delivery. From the gentle piano melody to the raw sincerity in his voice, every element of the song is crafted to evoke a sense of longing and reverence.

As the song unfolds, NF skillfully navigates themes of spiritual yearning and the desire for refuge in the midst of life’s challenges. Through heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery, he invites listeners to join him on a heartfelt journey of seeking solace and comfort in the arms of the Divine. Each verse serves as a tender plea for divine intervention and guidance, capturing the raw emotion and vulnerability of the human experience.

“Wrap Me In Your Arms” serves as a powerful ode to the transformative power of divine love and presence. The chorus emerges as a poignant expression of surrender and trust, as NF seeks refuge in the embrace of the Divine. It’s a stirring anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost or alone, urging them to find solace in the loving arms of God.

The production of “Wrap Me In Your Arms” is understated yet powerful, with minimalist instrumentation and haunting melodies that perfectly complement NF’s introspective lyrics. The song builds to an emotional climax, with each layer of sound adding depth and intensity to the heartfelt plea. From the soft piano chords to the ethereal background vocals, every element of the track is meticulously crafted to evoke a visceral response from the listener.


Wrap Me In Your Arms by NF Lyrics

It’s crazy for me
Cause I just feel different right now
It’s like I’m to a point where I feel like
God, I should give You everything, and that’s what I’m gonna do
I need You Lord
I want You to use me
Just wrap me in Your arms, Father

Lord, I need you
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms

Lord, I want you to use me
Father, please fill me up
Sick of livin’ thirsty
I need that water in my cup
I look out the window of my life
I see a prison
But for some reason
He gave us the rite to be forgiven
And I’m no longer in the chains homie that I used to be
I feel like a drug
It’s like a lot of people usin’ me
Abusin’ me
I usually let it get the best of me
Sick of givin’ half, Lord
Please just take the best of me
Devil was arrestin’ me
Had me in them hand cuffs
Used to sit down
Now, I praise Him with my hands up
Had the wrong runnin’ shoes
I was off track
Now, I know where I’m runnin’ to
And I ain’t goin’ back
See I would rather die than pretend You don’t exist
Got my Bible on my side
Got no pistol got no clips
Got my hands up to the sky
These rappers they can walk it out
When I say that I’m walkin’ I’m dancin’
That what I’m talkin’ ’bout sittin’

Lord, I need you
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms

Yeah, I know I’m a sinner, Lord
Yes, time for changes
Sick of my head hangin’ low
Like little ants chained us
I’mma rock stages
That ain’t just why I do it
I’mma pull a Lecrae yeah
And spread that Jesus music
I want you to move me Lord
You give me that energy
Take me to them places that
I thought that I would never be
Caught up in that melody
Instead of the ministry
Jesus took the pain
Broke the chains, and delivered me
We go into Church, pray to God
Yeah we worship
Counter what we preach
And wonder why it isn’t workin’
I been in the same boat
I been in the same shoes
We’re walkin’ the same road
I’m dealin’ with pain too
You don’t know if He’s real
Man, I’m tellin’ you He’s gotta be
Need Him like oxygen
And everyone’s gotta breathe
Man you gotta see
Everybody stand up
Screamin’ at the top of your lungs
With your hands up

Lord, I need you
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms

Yo, I been to the top
Been to the bottom
Dealt with the pain
Dealt with the problem
Now I’m back in the place again
Got a mind full of memories
A mind full of sin
I don’t wanna be this way
But the things I do
And the things I say
Lead me astray
Lord, I just want you to take my sin away
Life is like the radio
And everything gets overplayed
Need another station
Mind is racin’
What’s come over me
Sin has got me bad within’
I’m battlin’ like overseas
I don’t just preach in my music boys
So we can shoot the breeze
Got this music to a T
But that doesn’t mean a thing
If I don’t take the gift that Jesus gave me
And rep’ the King
See you reppin’ the chain
See you reppin’ the dough
Money doesn’t run, so tell me what you chase it for
God’s comin’ soon
Better get strap
And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout them pistols or them big gats
Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout the Rapture man
Put your Bible up and yell it ’til it happens eh

Lord, I need you
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms
Wrap me in Your arms

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