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NF – With Me


“With Me” by NF is a stirring testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the unwavering presence of a higher power in times of struggle. In this song, NF channels his introspective lyricism and emotive delivery to offer listeners a deeply personal reflection on the importance of divine guidance and support. From the heartfelt melody to the raw sincerity in his voice, every element of the track is crafted to inspire and uplift.

As the song unfolds, NF skillfully navigates themes of doubt, fear, and the search for spiritual reassurance. Through poignant lyrics and emotive delivery, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Each verse serves as a heartfelt plea for divine intervention and guidance, capturing the raw emotion and vulnerability of the human experience.

“With Me” serves as a powerful reminder of the comforting presence of a higher power in the midst of life’s challenges. The chorus emerges as a poignant affirmation of faith, as NF finds solace in the knowledge that he is never alone. It’s a stirring anthem for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by the trials of life, urging them to embrace the power of faith and trust in the divine plan.

The production of “With Me” is understated yet powerful, with atmospheric instrumentation and haunting melodies that perfectly complement NF’s introspective lyrics. The song builds to an emotional climax, with each layer of sound adding depth and intensity to the message of hope and reassurance. From the gentle piano chords to the ethereal background vocals, every element of the track is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of peace and comfort.


With Me by NF Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to tonight’s show
Next up, we have one of the greatest
You know who he is

[Verse 1]
Whoops! I must be losin’ it
They don’t make medicine for as
Sick as my music is
Got no time for foolishness
Who do you think you’re foolin’ with
I been doin’ this ever since I really knew what music was
My music’s a
Well, how should I describe it?
I take a rhyme then I make it shine
In your face like a diamond
I’m in a position in which I shed light ’til it blind ya
Comes a time when your life
This show your dream look
Look what the time is
Why is everytime somebody’s bein’ themselves
Somethin’ comes along
Like TV says to be someone else
Just bein’ myself
Oh Nathan, look what you’ve done
Got no weapons or guns
Shoot, I’m probably white as they come
Got you on the run
Yes, I guess I’m out of my mind
Only time I’ve ever murdered
Is when I’m writin’ these rhymes
God’s what I’m on
I ain’t smokin’ dope to get famous
One of the greatest
Like fifty cent, you can love it or hate it

[Hook 2x]
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
I got the Lord with me
This ain’t a game to me
Put your hands up if you feel the same as me

[Verse 2]
911, what’s your emergency?
Some white boy with a microphone just lyrically murdered me
We’ve had that call six times this weeks
And we still can’t find him yet
So you’re gonna have to find a hole
And probably just climb in it
His rhymin’ is so ballistic
It’s hard for us to track him
And we’re so far behind
I don’t think we’re gonna catch him
He’s got that Jesus in his music
Which to us is crazy
Cause he ain’t gonna make no money
Talkin’ about that Jesus baby
I’m back like you ain’t never seen me
Grabbin’ a mic make this look so easy
Chessy rappers are runnin’ around
Talkin’ about they’re wearin’ a crown
I’m wearin’ them down
Don’t believe me? Fine
That white boy that should be signed
Above your mind
With every single lyric
Every single rhyme
Some people look at you
And think you’re just a joke or nothin’
Some people see me probably think
That boy is smokin’ somethin’
I ain’t smokin’
I’m just out of control
Here we go
Q-Quit pretendin’ you don’t already know

[Hook 2x]
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
I got the Lord with me
This ain’t a game to me
Put your hands up if you feel the same as me

[Verse 3]
When I come through
I’mma get you movin’ back
Better than ever baby
You know how I do it
Christ in the music
Yeah, that’s me
Quit waitin’ for me to change
That’s how it’s gonna be
Ain’t about the money
I would rather have my family close
Sounds sweet little somethin’ like candy

And that’s the way I roll
Like Lecrae said
“You either go hard or go home”
I ain’t playin’ with ya
Spit it like a preacher
Welcome to the show boy
I’mma special feature
Moment of slow stuff
Comin’ out your speakers
I make you go crazy
Go crazy
Let me see you move
Yeah Yeah {3x}
Let me see you move {2x}

[Hook 2x]
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
Yeah Yeah
I got the Lord with me
I got the Lord with me
This ain’t a game to me
Put your hands up if you feel the same as me

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