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Neema Gospel Choir – Tunatabiri


“Tunatabiri” by Neema Gospel Choir is a vibrant and uplifting hymn that celebrates the faithfulness and provision of God in the lives of believers. With its lively melody and spirited lyrics, this song serves as a joyful declaration of trust and reliance on the Almighty. Inspired by Psalm 23, which depicts God as the Good Shepherd who leads and cares for His flock, the song radiates a spirit of confidence and gratitude for the guidance and protection of the Divine.

In its verses, “Tunatabiri” extols the steadfast love and faithfulness of God, acknowledging His presence and provision in every season of life. It reflects on the journey of faith, recognizing the challenges and uncertainties that may arise, yet affirming the assurance that God is always near, leading and guiding His people. As listeners immerse themselves in its spirited lyrics, they are invited to join in the celebration of God’s faithfulness and goodness.

Moreover, the song serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration for listeners as they navigate the ups and downs of life’s journey. Its timeless message affirms the believer’s confidence in God’s unwavering care and provision, even in the midst of trials and tribulations. Through its jubilant melody and joyful lyrics, “Tunatabiri” becomes an anthem of faith and praise, inspiring listeners to trust in God’s guidance and provision.


Neema Gospel Choir – Tunatabiri Lyrics

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