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Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft Sunmisola Agbebi


Mr M & Revelation and Sunmisola Agbebi Roar with “Lion of Judah”.

The Nigerian gospel music scene is a vibrant tapestry of powerful voices and anointed melodies, and among the standout collaborations in recent times is the song “Lion of Judah” by Mr M & Revelation featuring Sunmisola Agbebi. This dynamic track brings together some of the most inspiring talents in gospel music, creating a song that is both a declaration of faith and a celebration of divine power.

Mr M & Revelation, led by Emmanuel Benjamin (also known as Mr M), is a gospel music group known for their energetic performances and spiritually uplifting songs. Their music blends contemporary gospel with African rhythms, creating a sound that is both modern and deeply rooted in traditional worship. The group’s mission is to lead people into a profound worship experience, and they have consistently delivered on this promise through their impactful songs and live performances.

“Lion of Judah” is a powerful anthem that exalts Jesus Christ as the mighty Lion of Judah, a title that signifies strength, sovereignty, and victory. The song is a stirring proclamation of God’s power and majesty, inviting believers to join in a chorus of praise and adoration.


Video: Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft Sunmisola Agbebi

Lyrics: Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft Sunmisola Agbebi

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