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Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)


“Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)” is a captivating gospel song that reverberates with themes of praise and adoration for God’s sovereignty and majesty. The title itself, “Idimma” meaning “You are good” in Igbo, and “Eze Ndi Eze” meaning “King of Kings” in the same language, encapsulates the essence of the song – exalting God as the supreme ruler worthy of all honor and glory. Through vibrant rhythms and uplifting melodies, Mr M & Revelation lead listeners into a heartfelt expression of worship and gratitude.

In this soul-stirring composition, Mr M & Revelation beautifully articulate the goodness and faithfulness of God. Each verse and chorus serves as a declaration of praise, as the singers magnify God for His unending love, mercy, and grace. The song resonates deeply with listeners, inspiring them to join in the chorus of adoration and thanksgiving for the blessings and goodness of God in their lives.

The music itself is characterized by dynamic beats, infectious melodies, and powerful vocals, creating an atmosphere of jubilation and celebration. Whether sung in congregational settings or listened to individually, “Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)” has a profound impact on the hearts and minds of listeners, lifting spirits and renewing faith. Its timeless message serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and the joy of worshipping Him as the King of Kings.

Overall, “Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)” stands as a powerful anthem of praise and adoration, inviting listeners to experience the awe-inspiring presence of God in a tangible and life-changing way. Through its heartfelt lyrics and spirited melodies, the song encourages believers to celebrate the goodness and sovereignty of God and to declare His praise among the nations.


Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze) Lyrics

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