Saturday, June 15, 2024

Moxie Yaro – Zamu Basu Mamaki


Experience the resonant sounds of contemporary Hausa music ministry as Moxie Yaro, based in Northern Nigeria, unveils a compelling new single titled “Zamu Basu Mamaki.” This latest musical offering, crafted by a talented Hausa songwriter, carries with it a powerful message of triumph and divine intervention.

In this melodious creation, the essence of the song unfolds as a declaration of resilience and faith. The title “Zamu Basu Mamaki” suggests a collective commitment to rising and striving for greatness, and it becomes a proclamation that, with the divine assistance of God, all adversities and opposition will be met with surprise.

The song’s power lies in its interpretation as an anthem of overcoming challenges and surpassing expectations. The lyrics convey a sentiment of determination to defy any attempts to hinder success and progress. The underlying theme emphasizes the divine intervention that will not only lead to triumph but also serve as a source of shame for those who wish to see failure.


Moxie Yaro Zamu Basu Mamaki Lyrics

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